Growing up in Santa Cruz, CA, Natalie Opperman always had a passion for unique jewelry. One day, without a clue on what to do, she started piecing together shell bangles, necklaces and earrings with her best friend on the floor of the living room in between college classes. Watching endless hours of online jewelry making tutorials became routine and powering through trial and error while perfecting every design became the only thing she wanted to do. Wearing her one of a kind pieces around town, people started to ask her about her jewelry which led to the start of making some for friends and family. She eventually realized that her fun little hobby was turning into her passion and wanted to start to share her love for jewelry with more people.

After taking a break from jewelry design to finish graduating college, Natalie decided to combine her love for photography, branding, creativity and jewelry design to create a brand that reflected her personal style.

Natalie finds inspiration for her designs through her love for travel, the ocean, outdoor elements, and her personal unique boho style. Her designs remain delicate yet durable with fine quality materials, and dainty yet uniquely crafted with accents from all over the world. Every single piece that you see, buy, and touch has been crafted by her own hands in her little studio with special attention to every single detail. 

Teaching herself new techniques on the regular, Natalie continues to be self-taught and strives to constantly widen her design capabilities to consistently produce one of a kind jewelry. She still watches endless hours of online jewelry making tutorials on the floor of the living room… ;)

"Making jewelry and sharing it with others is simply my passion.. and the rest follows. My goal is to share this special part of my life with the world, make people feel naturally beautiful, and to somehow inspire others through my pieces."



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The toasted jewelry studio is located in santa cruz, ca.

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I am a firm believer in unique quality pieces. My goal is to provide you with the highest quality jewelry that can still manage an affordable price point. By personally hand crafting each piece, I keep a close eye on precision and detail. I use Sterling  Silver and 14k Gold filled materials to ensure longevity and quality pieces.



Every single item of jewelry that I sell is crafted by myself in Santa Cruz, CA. I take my time with every detail to ensure that you are getting the best product possible. Because every piece goes through the craft through my hands and eyes, each item is unique and one-of-a-kind. This means you will never find anything else exactly like it.